Architectural Glass

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DomAquarée, Berlin, Germany (2012)
Curved triple-glazing units with thermal insulation and solar control
properties for excellent energy balance, combined with safety
function through toughened and laminated safety glass.

Hauser Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark (2012)

EOD Raiffeisenhaus, Wien (Completion 2012)

Regiozentrale Zuid, Maastricht, Netherlands (2011)
Photo: Glassolutions Saint-Gobain - COOL-LITE ST150®

Bugatti, Herford, Germany (2011)
Photo: Bugatti

Dierenklinik Utrecht, Netherlands (2011)

Shopping Centre Stephanskiez, Berlin, Germany (2011)

Hackesches Quartier, Berlin, Germany (2011)

Apartment Building, Linienstraße, Berlin, Germany (2011)

AachenMünchener Versicherung, Aachen, Germany (2010)

Deutsche Nationalbibliothelk Leipzig, Germany (2010)

AZ Damian Tunnel Oostende, Belgium (2010)

Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen, Germany (2010)

Anatomisches Theater Berlin, Germany (2009)

Borealis Innovation Headquarters, Linz, Austria (2009)

Spreedreieck, Berlin, Germany (2009)

Science Center Medizintechnik, Berlin, Germany (2009)

RUND VIER, Vienna, Austria (2009)

Upper Eastside, Berlin (2008) Germany

Office Building Neumarkt, Wuppertal, Germany (2008)

Villa Eiche, Luzern, Schwitzerland (2008)

HOCH ZWEI, Wien, Austria (2008)

Dublin Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland (2008)
Structural Glazing in combination with more than 2300 sqm curved safety insulation glass combined with sun and thermal protection.

IAA Exhibition Frankfurt/Main, Germany (2007), SMART booth
55 pcs. double cylindrical curved laminated safety glass walls, composed of 2 x 10 mm low iron glass, polished edge heights, panel size of
1.5 m x 3.65 m (girth x height).

Latvijas Gaze/Riga, Latvia (2007)

Glass Conus, Tbilisi , Georgia (2007)

Presidential Palace Tbilisi, Georgia
appr. 550 m2 spherical curved double glazed units, composed of:
2 x laminated glass, 1,52 mm PVB each, SGG COOL-LITE ST 150, Low iron glass (SGG Diamond) 7 different levels, new bending system, optical shape inspection.

Carl Benz Arena Stuttgart, Germany (2005/2006)

Departmentstore "Peek & Cloppenburg", Cologne, Germany (2005)
appr. 1000 sqm curved glass, build in first floor(external glazing, projectile high) and as paling (approx. 700 sqm laminated glass 24/2 composed of low iron glass with an bow length up to 4,3 m).

Bonnierhuset, Schweden (2005)
more than 400 sqm double cylindrical curved insulated safety-glass in connection with sun-protection and thermal insulation in laminated glass combination.

LBBW State Bank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany (2004)
300 sqm curved multi-functional double glazing units (DGU) combined with sun protection and thermal insulating glass, laminated glass, partly with alarm device.

Esso Glen, Cardinal Place, office building with exclusive shopping facilities in London/UK (2004/05)
More than 1000 m2 curved insulated glass with heat protection and two laminated panels as well as a lot of curved laminated glasses for balustrades.

SAP, Rosenthaler Hofe, Berlin (2004)
Apr. 50 pcs. in some cases very large sized curved insulated glass with safety and heat protecting features.

Reinhardtstrasse, Berlin (2004)
Apr. 40 pcs. of curved insulated glass with sun and heat protection, noble gas filled and two panels of laminated glass including sound-absorbing inlayer.

"Wiener Platz" in front of the old main station in Dresden (2003)
60 pieces cylindrical curved laminated 24/2 glass units were graceful designed to oval glass areas and form the entrances to the central underground parking.

Business Law School, Hamburg (2003)
Cylindrical curved insulated glass units with different features,
4000 mm height.

Domaquarree, Berlin (2003)
Curved monolithic and laminated glass for balustrades and elevator walls inside and in the top of the spectacular aquarium in the City of Berlin.

SAAB CITY CENTER, Hamburg and Munich (2003)
120 pieces of curved laminated 12/2 glass clear or with white rough interlayer, with large-sized photos with a coloured background lighting, Stand-alone height edges (up to 4 m!).

Wall City Toilets, Dusseldorf (2003)
450 pieces of laminated 8/2 glass with interior screen printing, different designs, partly with film gate.

Porsche Zentrum, Leipzig (2002)
Event level, 72 pieces of conically bent laminated 20/2 glass, glazing all over the height of floors, approx. 2500 mm curve x 3400 mm height.

Roofing of East and West drives of Galeria Kaufhof, Chemnitz (2001)
85 pieces of curved laminated 20/2 glass with cut and excentric bending axis.

Glass Conus, Mainz (2001)

Facade element of department store "Galeries Lafayette", Friedrichstraße, Berlin (2000)
70 pieces of cylindrically bent laminated 9/2 glass made of Stopsol super silver and interior float with screen printing.

Karstadt facade, Erfurt (2000)
21 cylindrically bent insulated glass units with heat protection glass, argon filling and interior laminated shell, height 3750mm.

Panorama skywalk at hospital "Dritter Orden", Munich (1999)
120 pieces of elliptically bent laminated 16/2 glass, max. circular measure 3000mm.

Opel Headquarters Ruesselsheim (1997)
Approx. 70 pieces of cylindrically bent insulated glass with heat insulation and safety functions (partly with alarm wire)

Kontorhaus, Berlin (1997)
Approx. 20 pieces of curved, large size laminated units with highly
reflecting sun-protection glass.

Daiwa High-Rise Complex, 88, Wood Street, London (1997)
Approx. 200 pieces of cylindrically bent laminated glass made of 2 x Diamant 6mm.

Department store Peek & Cloppenburg, Berlin (1995)
More than 300 undulated pieces of bent laminated 18/2 glass with circulating grinded edges, partly with a straight section in the middle

Glass facade Zeppelin Carree, Stuttgart (1992)
Cylindrically bent insulated glass units with heat insulation and 2 laminated shells.

"Two different anamorphic surfaces"
Glass pavilion of Dan Graham, project in Wanas sculpture park, Sweden.