Glass for Shop Counters

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IKEA, Berlin Lichtenberg
Counter with 48 curved glass sneeze guard.

Photo: Döring Glas

Chocolate showcase"Pralinette SLK"

Cylindrical curved toughened glass/heat-strengthened glass, 6mm

Photo: Schweitzer Ladenbau/AT

7-Eleven and Shell Stores, Sweden

Spheric panorama ball corner graduating into double-bent planar front glass.

Pastries showcase of company Redie/NL,
insulated glass and made of 2 x float 6 mm,
double-bent with a radius of 138 mm and 90° each,
middle straight section and 2 tangentially ending side parts.

Counter of specialist cheese shop, Wohlen/CH
Photo: Pfister Ladenbau AG /CH

Shop counter bakery/pastry shop
Photo: Berner Ladenbau

Sales counter, Zurich/CH
Photo: Schweitzer Ladenbau/AT

Counter, RWE-Meteorit Essen

Counter, Photo: KMI/NL

Counter, Photo: AKE/AT

Counter, Photo: KMI/NL