Fields of Application

Mainly interior fittings, such as:
• Construction of showcases
• Glazing for furniture
• Partition walls
• All glass furniture
• Lighting glass
• Reconstructions of windows of historic buildings
and others.

Machining Possibilities

• Model cuts according to customer templates or theoretical specifications
• Hole drillings
• Partial or complete frosting
• Facets
• Screen printings
and others.

Glass Types

• All commercial glass thicknesses from 3mm to 19mm
(dependent on the desired geometry)
• Float glass clear
• Clear glass in all commercial glass thicknesses
• Coated glass "Super-Vision"
• Body-tinted glass (e.g. Parsol)
• Cast glass (with some limitations)
• Decoration glass (e.g. with screen printing)
• Frosted/satin finished glass