Refrigerator Industry

An essential component of sales presentation devices in the so-called fresh food sector are refrigerated show counters.
Products like prepared meat products and sausages, poultry, cheese, ready-to-serve-meals and so on are kept under excellent environmental conditions and are at the same time presented adequately to the customer.
By using curved panorama front glass functional as well esthetical requirements are complied with. The enlargement of the perspective, the avoidance of disturbing constructive components which hide the products and the possibility of a harmonic and sophisticated styling are excellent features of the curved glass when refrigerated show counters are planned and realized.
In addition, the material characteristics of curved non toughened glass offer nearly unlimited variety of shapes as well as individuality. Due to the machinability of the glass after bending the specific customer requirements and spatial conditions as well as the requirements for specific corner solutions can be fulfilled without any restrictions.
A very high degree of quality-rating of the furniture is achieved by using "Super-Vision", coated curved glass.

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