Street Furniture

Nowadays the face of large urban settlements is not only characterized by spectacular results of architectural masterships in the form of gorgeous buildings made of steel, glass and concrete, but often by an ensemble of small constructions which have been harmonized with each other and which are simply necessary for the functioning of cities. These include bus shelters, fully-automatic public toilets, city information panels, kiosks, tourist directional systems as well as several forms of poster presentation.
Many of these small constructions show curved forms and are naturally made of glass.
For many years Glasbiegerei Döring has been successfully cooperating with one of the most renowned and sophisticated companies with regard to design in this sector. It is the internationally operating company Wall, based in Berlin. Their normal business covers showcase glazing as well as curved roof glass for passenger waiting shelters.
However, the mutual development of a frameless all-glass facade for the highly ornamental public toilet "Avenue" was a great challenge. New methods for the design of curved glass were applied by further processing planar tempered glass with multiple screen printing to obtain curved laminated glass.

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