Winter Gardens

In particular in temperate zones winter gardens become more and more popular for private as well as business use.
In addition to the enlargement of the living area/floor space of the building the specific attraction of this edificial design element is the relocation of the living area into nature.
Specifically in regions with longer periods of unpleasant weather it excellently complies with the wish of people to spend their spare time outdoor as long as possible.
Due to the panorama effect, the curved glass intensifies the impression of being close to nature. Exact contours and craftsmanship with regard to the edge seal characterize the glass products of Döring. Furthermore, the company offers individual corner solutions.
By using different functional glass the demands on sun protection and heat insulation which are very important for winter gardens are complied with. The use of a plastic spacer helps to avoid unpleasant cold bridges in the edge zone of the glass. Finally the integrated laminated glass offers the safety required by the occupants.
In this way by using curved glass of Döring winter gardens literally round off the product scope.

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