Glass in stock at Sekurit ®

VB 062/AE

VB 068/AE

VB 507/AE

VB 3241/OB

VB 3242/OB

VB 1187/DL

VB 1239/EH

VB 819/AM

Standard glass Sekurit ®

DC 24

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Availabity of Sekurit ® Glass in stock

Glass in stock
• Availability ex stock Berlin
• Available in small quantities (even single glass)
• Ready for delivery at short term (within 24h)

• Glass according to customer's design
• Development of the glass according to the customer's requirements (subject to technical feasibility)
• Mould costs at the customer's charge
• Minimum purchase quantity: 100 pieces

• Commissioning via Döring Glas
• Production of geometries and special widths on the basis of existing standard tools (see glass in stock)

• Basic geometry complies with existing standard tool
• Minimum purchase quantity = 25 pieces with identical data (for corner glass 15 pieces)
• Delivery period approx. 6 to 8 weeks