SUPER-VISION – Coated Glass

Light sources inside the counter/showcase often disturb the transparency of the display. They reduce the available presentation space and often require complex solutions with regard to cable ducts and unwanted heat evolution (e.g. in the refrigeration sector). Due to various reasons external lighting would be advantageous, if physics with its optical legalities could be disregarded.

With SUPER-VISION Döring has managed to bend a glass product specifically developed for thermal after-treatment (e.g. production of tempered glass) without destroying the corresponding coatings and maintaining at the same time the characteristics of the material and thus enabling an after treatment.

Whether fitted glass for sales areas with curved tempered glass (Ultra Vision), panorama standard glass or customized formats, SUPER-VISION opens new perspectives.

Comparison of light reflection between
uncoated glass and SUPER-VISION

Uncoated glass reflects a total of approximately 9% of incident light, i.e. 4.5% for each side of the glass (resulting from the different refraction index of air and glass). With SUPER-VISION a reflection of less than l% is achieved.
In this connection the physical laws of interference are utilized by applying coatings on both sides which bring the amplitude of the wave lengths which are visible for the human eye into a so-called superposition near 0 (destructive interference).
Coated glass which has been offered on the market for some years as planar product by various manufacturers is now offered by Döring also as a curved glass product.

New bending technology and a basic glass product coated on both sides which has specifically been developed for the needs of a thermal after-treatment have been the decisive preconditions for this innovation. In addition to curved and coated tempered glass (Ultra Vision® / Sovis company) individual shopfitting now has a product which is suitable for sophisticated product presentation without preconditions (minimum quantities, standardized forms etc.).

Your benefits

Increased visibility of presentation on the same space.

Visually boundless proximity to the product by more than 99% transparency.

Improved presentation of forms and colors.

Reduction of disturbing reflections to a minimum, i.e. solution of bothering illumination problems.

Sophisticated presentation quality which underlines the product quality.

Competitive edge over competitors.