Döring Glas – Company History


Foundation of a glazier's shop in Berlin by the master glazier Franz Döring.


Installation of the first glass bending furnace – particularly to produce curved glass for the construction industry as well as special curved forms for jukeboxes, automats, etc.


Installation of a second glass bending furnace with improved technology for the bending of large-sized glass.


Launch of production of planar insulated glass.


Production of the first curved insulated glass with the common written guarantee.


Production of curved laminated safety glass.


Commissioning of a newly developed, continuously operating bending furnace for the manufacturing of "panorama glass for shop counters"


Fundamental modernization of the furnaces installed in the 50ies, in particular by refitting latest control systems.


Termination of production of planar laminated and insulated glass.


Commissioning of another continuously operating bending furnace for the production of glass for shop counters with narrow bend radii.


The ownership of the glass bending specialist Döring changes and Döring now belongs to Saint Gobain Deutsche Glas (former Vegla).


The production of laminated safety glass changes from cast resin to PVB interlayer and the production of insulated glass changes from aluminium to swiggle-strip (warm-edge)


Commissioning of the first bending furnace of a new generation, for the production of architectural glass and shopfitting glass.


The second furnace of the new generation which has now been especially designed for narrow radii for shopfitting is commissioned. (shutdown of the furnaces purchased in 1984 and 1990.)


The production and administration of Döring relocates to new premises at Zeppelin Gewerbepark (business park) in Berlin Spandau. In this connection another modern bending furnace for the production of large-sized glass for the architectural glass sector has been installed. The max. bending formats are now approx. 3,000 x 5,000 mm. Thanks to further investments the capacity of laminated glass has almost been doubled.